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Whether you're a seasoned professional looking to customize gifts for your clients or an individual seeking unique and delightful gifts for colleagues, you've arrived at the perfect place.

In our world, cookies are more than treats; they're edible art that stand out and spark conversations, creating cherished moments. Join us in reimagining the art of corporate gifting, one extraordinary cookie at a time, where every bite tells a story.

What can we cookiefy you ask?

From welcoming new recruits to celebrating workiversaries and hosting unforgettable off-sites, our cookies are up for the challenge. Get those creative juices flowing at team meetings and orientations with our activity cookies, and keep the energy high at trade-shows with our branded cookie creations. We've got a sweet surprise for every office adventure. And when it comes to sending season's greetings, why not do it with a delicious twist?

Want one good reason why you should choose custom cookies over anything else?

Well, here's nine!

Carrying Gift Box

All India Shipping

and all interactions with logistics partners will be handled by us. All we need is a list from you and you can relax

Cardboard Box

Safe Travels

Boxes that have been designed, R&Dd and manufactured specifically for the long ride ahead


Design Expertise

we have over 16 years of design & advertising experience at your sweet  service

Halloween Macaroons

Long life

or rather long enough shelf life, to travel to any corner of the country and still have days in hand - 10-14 to be precise.

Paint Roller

Customise Everything

Cookie, Box, ribbon, tag, card - you name it we got your name on it! Provided you have the time & budget

Banana Pattern

Details on repeat

From the 1st to the 1000th cookie, our QC will ensure that they look & taste the same 


Easter Egg


No matter the flavour of the cookie or the technique of icing you choose, everything is always eggless

Domino Cookies

Fast & Fabulous

We have designed our production line in a way that we can turnaround as fast as 24-48 hours*

Heart Shape Cookie Cutter

Taste to Remember

Our proprietary cookie recipe is soft to bite and goes so well with our icing that you will definitely be back for more

0  - 1000

From the 1st to the 1000th cookie, our QC will ensure that they look & taste the same 

Taste to Remember

Our proprietary recipe is a crowd pleaser like no other cookie. It's soft bite with various flavour offerings.

in Focus

Our flavors are just good ol' naturall fruits and nuts*, making your taste buds do a happy dance. All our cookies are eggless and baked with zero added preservatives. We also offer vegan alternatives.

*The cookies are nut free unless you choose from the nutty flavours

The Classics
Chocolate  |  Vanilla

The Fruity
Strawberry  |  Orange  |  Lemon

The Nutty
Almond  |  Cashew  |  Pistachio

The Spicy
Cinnamon  |  Pumpkin  |  Gingerbread

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