Freddie's Baking Studio
specialises in making carefully handcrafted and delicately illustrated cookies that are baked to perfection. Not your run-of-the-mill sweet treats, each cookie is as artfully done as it is tastefully made.


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What goes into
the making of our
illustrated cookies

As in any design, it begins with an idea that is sketched out on paper. Once you are happy with the design, the colour palette and the pricing, the actual work begins!

First, we make the cookie dough and the icing from scratch, using the best ingredients. Then, the icing colours are mixed by hand and matched to the palette. Next comes the rolling, cutting and baking of the dough in the desired shapes. Once the cookies are cooled, the real fun begins. The base layer of icing is completed first and then the detailing and finessing, which could take from a few hours to a few days, depending on the complexity of design and batch size. Once the icing is completely dry, the cookies are packed with a lot of love and care to be delivered to you!

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Meet the Artist / Baker

Freddie's is the brain child of Freeda Lazar. This baking studio is where her passion for both, design and food come together. Each cookie is treated like a design project - from sketching ideas, fixing a colour palette to bringing them to life on cookies. 


Freeda is one of the pioneers in hand-crafted and illustrated cookies in the country. She is the chief baker and artist at Freddie's Baking Studio. What began as a fun project in October 2016, soon became a passionate hunt for baking the perfect cookie and perfecting drawing with the royal icing. Resulting in her very own entrepreneurial venture. 


Her work has single-handedly created a market for illustrated cookies in a country that was exploding almost exclusively with cupcakes and cakes. 

Her dream is to one day say that she makes a living drawing on cookies. If you are interested in investing in Freddie's and making her dreams come true, do write to

Photo credit: Chandana